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Sms Spruch vom 15.12.2013

A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and who can sing it for you when you have forgotten it.

Sms Spruch vom 09.11.2013

I hope you will sleeping very well, in the middle of your Bettgestell! Gute Nacht, Schlaf gut!

Sms Spruch vom 06.11.2013

Love is the feeling that you feel, when you feel the feeling, that you never felt before. Now I feel this feeling, I love you!

Sms Spruch vom 04.11.2013

You put a smile on my face, whenever you send me a message!

Sms Spruch vom 25.10.2013

So many of us either fear tmr or regret yesterday. But I won't fear tmr, if I get 2 b ur fren 4ever, and I don't regret yesterday, coz 1 yesterday, I met u.

Sms Spruch vom 06.10.2013

I can´t be happy without you and i hope you can´t be happy without me I´m not happy without you and i hope you feel so too!

Sms Spruch vom 14.06.2013

It may sound simple, nothing unique or original... but yet it means so much and take courage to say. I wanna tell you 'I Miss You Alot!'

Sms Spruch vom 29.04.2013

Time never stands still, the moment drifts away and the one you have not used you have not lived..

Sms Spruch vom 27.03.2013

S.M.K.A.Y.W.A.W.Y.W!=So many kisses as you want and where you want!

Sms Spruch vom 20.03.2013

When darkness moves in on me,it's the love of people like you that allows me to go through defeat and still know to be fully accepted.

Sms Spruch vom 23.01.2013

They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes and that one minute equals 60 seconds, but they never told me that one second without you can last for ever!

Sms Spruch vom 01.01.2013

Catch a little star and put it in your pocket! Keep it for a rainy day!