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Sms Spruch vom 29.12.2008

Looking back there where we first met, I cannot escape that i cannot forget, Baby, you`re the one, u still turn me on, you can make me whole again!

Sms Spruch vom 29.12.2008

S.S.D.D - Same Shit Different Day (Selbe Scheiße - Anderer Tag) Gilt für Schule!

Sms Spruch vom 29.12.2008

I love the sun. The sun loves me. The sun will shine, when you love me.

Sms Spruch vom 29.12.2008

When I think, I think of you, when I look, I want to look at you. I am crazy about you, even if it seems to become an obsession.

Sms Spruch vom 28.12.2008

Timo Maas new single "To get down," out Monday 11th February at all good record stores. Incl Fatboy Slim remix. Free Timo Maas logo will follow shortly

Sms Spruch vom 26.12.2008

Your are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy all day long! so please don´t take my sunshine away!

Sms Spruch vom 25.12.2008

Together,Forever,Whenever,Whatever.She said she could`t find nobody better.

Sms Spruch vom 24.12.2008

"To destroy what society has built, is to create a new freedom" (G.G Allin)

Sms Spruch vom 24.12.2008

If you're the desert, I'd be the sea. If you hunger then hunger for me. Everything you ask I'll be. It's all good as long it's you I see.

Sms Spruch vom 23.12.2008

Amicus optima vitae possessio est! (Ein Freund ist der herrlichste Besitz des Lebens!)

Sms Spruch vom 23.12.2008

It´s nice to be important, but it´s more important to be nice!!!

Sms Spruch vom 22.12.2008

Home is where your heart is !!!