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Sms Spruch vom 27.03.2021

To do is to be (Socrates), to be is to do (Plato), do be do be do (Sinatra).

Sms Spruch vom 08.01.2021

Send me an M, Send me an S, Send me an Sms to my heart.

Sms Spruch vom 22.10.2020

I love three things: the sun, the moon and you, the sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever.

Sms Spruch vom 12.10.2020

Somewhere, some1 dreams of your smile & finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when your lonely, remember its true that some1, somewhere, is thinking of u.

Sms Spruch vom 04.09.2020

I once lived in a time that was peace with no trouble at all. But then you came my way and a feeling i know shook my heart and made me want you to stay

Sms Spruch vom 26.07.2020

Vita non optanda,optanda sunt vivanda! (Träume nicht dein Leben, lebe deine Träume)

Sms Spruch vom 08.07.2020

When i'm walking in front of u,I'm protecting u. When i'm beside u i'm there for u, when i'm behind u, I'm watching over u. When i'm alone,I'm thinking of u.

Sms Spruch vom 30.06.2020

I heard someone whisper ur name, but when i turned around to c who it was, i notice i was alone, then i realize it was my heart telling me that i miss u.

Sms Spruch vom 21.06.2020

In the morning I do not eat because I think of you, at noon I do not eat because I think of you, in the evening I do not eat because I think of you, at night I do not sleep because I am hungry.

Sms Spruch vom 06.04.2020

4getn u is hard 2 do, 4gtn me is up2 u, 4gt me not, 4gt me neva, but donâ??t 4get, weâ??re gr8 2gether.

Sms Spruch vom 24.01.2020

Try to reason about love and you will lose your reason.

Sms Spruch vom 14.10.2019

I have two things in my life, my teddy and you! My teddy is for the night and you are forever.