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Sms Spruch vom 17.06.2011

Love is like a butterfly which you cannot catch, if you sit down quietly it may come to you.

Sms Spruch vom 09.06.2011

If you ever see someone without a smile, give him yours! You wont lose it, but he will win one!

Sms Spruch vom 10.03.2011

I ask god for a flower and he gives me a garden. I ask god for a river and he gives me an ocean. I ask god for a friend and it's you he gives me!

Sms Spruch vom 17.02.2011

Birgün dünyanin en derin ve en karanlik ucurumundan düssem ve tutunacak dalim sadece sen olsan, seni tutmaktan deyil kirmaktan korkarim!!!

Sms Spruch vom 06.02.2011

It doesn't need a big man to knock somebody down, just a litte courage to lift him of the ground!

Sms Spruch vom 18.01.2011

Kiss me and hurt me, hug me and hit me, deep, deep inside, but don´t fall in love with me !!!

Sms Spruch vom 12.01.2011

Amantes amentes (Die verliebten Verrückten)

Sms Spruch vom 07.01.2011

Meine Welt besteht aus zwei Kontinenten: einer bist du der andere sind wir.

Sms Spruch vom 23.12.2010

A life is beautiful because of friends like you.

Sms Spruch vom 12.11.2010

Americans have: George Bush; Steve Wonder; Bob Hope; Jonny Cash! Austrians have: Thomas Klestil; NO Wonder; NO Hope; NO Cash

Sms Spruch vom 24.10.2010

If I would get a rose for every time I think of you, I would spend every day in a rose garden, ... thinking of you.

Sms Spruch vom 13.10.2010

Home is where your heart is !!!